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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Roof Causing Slow Drain Pain?

Most folks wouldn’t consider their roof as a source for plumbing problems. After all, there could be any number of reasons that darn drain isn’t, well, draining…

Yet, every year, we get hundreds of calls from homeowners about “slow” drain issues. One “hidden” problem has been appearing with alarming frequency – and is often overlooked by plumbers. The problem could be your Plumbing Vent Stack.

Your Plumbing Vent Stack is a pipe that lets air in and out of your plumbing system. Blocked vent stacks aren’t the problem; it’s what we uncovered while servicing them that set off our “disaster alarms.”

We found water penetrating the roof. How could that be possible?

Your vent stack is sealed with a rubber “boot.” Over time, the boot degrades and cracks – leaving gaps for water to penetrate your home. It can cause thousands of dollars in damage, from wood rot and hidden ceiling damage to electrical problems – and even health concerns from black mold growth.

Whether you’re experiencing “drain pain” now, or if you’re looking to prevent it in the future, give us a call!

Clogs: You can do it!

The clogged sink drain is one of those problems that can be on the “smallish” side. The preferred solution, of course, is to keep a clog from ever occurring. Pour hot water down the drain monthly as a preventive measure. This should be hotter than regular tap water; heat it on the stovetop, carry it to the sink and pour it down the drain – and be careful!
If your clog still isn’t clear, just call! We’d be glad to help.

The Mysteries of Plumbing

How do you know when to call a professional?
  • Time – Ask yourself if you have the time to learn how to do it right. Consider the frustrations that might occur.
  • Tools – Many home repairs take special tools. If you don’t have them, do you want to buy them?
  • Technology – The plumbing industry these days has introduced incredible technologies that homeowners can’t duplicate.

If you’ve got a plumbing problem and need our help, give us a call. Whatever it is, you can bet we’ve seen it before – and we’ve got the time, tools and technology to get right to work!

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